Everyone gets older, even superheroes. Joining the old crowd – Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye – we’re now getting Old Lady Harley, who will appear in Harley Quinn #42.

Yes even the avatar of youthful spunk Harley Quinn can become a cranky old lady. BUt she’ll do it with style.

Writer Frank Tieri shared a bunch of Mauricet’s art with us, and character sketches of Old Harley and her buddy Red Tool.

Is this a one off? Editor Chris Conroy tweeted that they could do more if its popular:



And here’s the solicitation information.

Written by FRANK TIERI • Art by MAURICET • Cover by AMANDA CONNER •
“Old Lady Harley”! Harley’s grudgingly accepted the Gang of Harleys back into her life-and now they intend to impress her with all the new tricks they’ve learned in her absence! Unfortunately, they might’ve picked up some bad habits too…
On sale APRIL 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+




  1. The best old Hartley is in The Batman Beyond film when she shows up to post bond for her two grandkids and she’s Nana Hartley. This looks too much like a riff off Mad Max.

  2. It’s an interesting concept for Harley, but what is with that outfit? She’s running around as what, a 50 year old in hot pants and a sports bra? You have to admit that’s a little absurd.

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