by Joe Grunenwald

Back in November, Marvel announced plans for a new animation franchise called Marvel Rising. Following a series of shorts, the first feature-length project in that line, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, is set to focus on many of the popular younger heroes in the Marvel Universe. Today additional information and designs have been released for the characters who will be appearing both in the shorts and in Secret Warriors.

The full line-up of characters includes fan-favorites like Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl (and Tippy-Toe!), and everyone’s favorite teleporting mustachioed Inhuman dog, Lockjaw. Joining them are former Young Avenger America Chavez, Sam Wilson: Captain America’s Patriot, Agents of SHIELD’s Quake, Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy under the new name Ghost-Spider, and fire-powered Inhuman Inferno. Captain Marvel rounds out the line-up of characters, and given the age difference between Carol and the others, it seems likely she’ll be in a mentor role.

The designs themselves are fairly straight-forward, not straying far from the characters’ comic looks at all. The animation style looks to be less detailed than previous Marvel animated shows like Avengers Assemble and more akin to the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny shorts.

Individual model sheets for each of the characters, as well as the previously-released character descriptions and voice actor information, can be found on Marvel’s website.