What’s this? A new graphic novel illustrated by the amazing Nathan Fox and written by M.F. Wilson?

Why, yes! Or at least a collection of “Fluorescent Black,” their story that has been running in HEAVY METAL for the last three years. Fox writes “We are really proud of how it turned out and it features a TON of new content including guest pinups, additional narrative pages and more.”

An 8-page preview can be seen here.


And the PR:

Heavy Metal Magazine will publish and distribute the graphic novel Fluorescent Black in July of 2010. A hardbound limited edition will be sold at San Diego and New York Comic Con. The novel is nearly 200 pages long and was written by MF Wilson, illustrated by Nathan Fox and colored by Jeromy Cox. Fluorescent Black is one of the most popular stories featured in the adult illustrated magazine and has a massive cult following. “We are very excited to be publishing Fluorescent Black. This book is like nothing else out there! It’s crazy, original and totally punk,” says Kevin Eastman, Editor-in-Chief of Heavy Metal Magazine.

The novel takes the reader into the hard-hitting dark future of South East Asia where gene-tech has divided the human race into two races. A particularily unique element of the story is the way in which a utopian and dystopian future exist in near proximity; it seems to draw inspiration from a lot of the border disputes going on in politics today. The story plays with other hot-button themes like public healthcare, gene patenting, eugenics, the dangers of bio-artistry, and the limits of body modification. Known for it provocative ideas and scientific accuracy, Fluorescent Black has been praised by biotechnology web rings and counter-culture magazines as a seminal “bio-punk” novel, a relatively new genre which has been slowly working it’s way into the literary and cinematic marketplace. MF says, “I wanted to write this story for all the things it is guilty of; it’s hard-core, violent, sexual and frightening. It’s venereal horror, bio-punk and psychadelic science fiction all rolled into one.” It seems to be the perfect material for an illustrator like Nathan Fox who has built a fan base out of his featured work in rock-and-roll magazines and adult comic books, and who is known for his kinetic freehand and raucus style. Every panel is a work of art, with hidden (sometimes blush-worthy) details that only become apparent on a second or third read. “I wanted this book to be wild and colorful; it had to be a living, moving thing.” The collaboration between these artists has produced a one-of-a-kind novel that is well worth the pricetag. It is available through heavymetal.com, amazon.com and will be on comic book shelves everywhere later this year. For more information, visit freethegene.com


  1. This story blew my head apart. I haven’t been this jealous of a finished comic since Jim Rugg’s Street Angel. Oddly, I have always said FB and SA were some of my favorite stuff, and here it comes full circle.

  2. > A particularily unique element of the story is the way in which a utopian and dystopian future exist in near proximity;

    Is this meant to be serious? It’s like a basic feature of science-fiction, heck, fiction…forget fiction, it’s a basic theme in *everything* ever written. I can name dozens, perhaps hundreds of stories that contain this “unique” element.

    It still seems like a cool story, but come *on*!

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