They’ve jammed with the Ramones, they hung out with Tegan & Sara, and they’ve solved mysteries with the Monkees, but next week, our pals from Riverdale are getting a lesson in cool when THE ARCHIES MEET BLONDIE. Concocted and incubated by the stellar creative team of  Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg (script) & Joe Eisma, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli (art), this installment of Archie’s next adventure–“With the coolest band on the planet!” according to Eisma–is bound to induce rapture, one way or another! 

 The press release sayeth!

“The Archies have the chance to record an album! And behind the control board is none other than music legends, BLONDIE! But will the iconic group help the Archies get through the wild world of the recording studio? Stay tuned.”

For his part, Segura notes that,”One of my favorite elements of the book is the ongoing story we’re telling about these kids on the road, and how these great bands pop in and provide them with guidance to keep going. We’re watching as the band unravels at a key moment for them — a chance to really make a splash and make their tour worthwhile.”

“This is a major turning point for the band, ” observes Rosenberg. “All this time away from home, the missed opportunities, the fighting, the brushes with success, it’s all driving The Archies toward a make-or-break moment. And Blondie are that moment personified.”

Segura agrees: “Can Blondie, in their present-day incarnation, nudge them in the right direction? Or are they too far gone? Those are the questions Matt and I try to answer, and Joe, Matt H., and Jack make it all look amazing.”

So how will the record turn out? Eisma only had this to say: “Don’t miss this issue!”


Cover by Matthew Taylor

Cover by Dan Parent
Cover by Greg Smallwood

The Archies #6 – ARCHIE MEETS BLONDIE goes on sale 4/11.


  1. Because Cordelia Chase transcended existence to be an angelic being, so is at odds with Veronica Lodge’s materialism and dislikes the comparison.

    Because Riverdale stole/uses the music guy from Friday Night Lights rather than use Nerf Herder.

    Because… (I don’t know, I just wanted to have some fun with this, Bill) ☺

  2. These comics’ ideas of “hip” fashions and attitudes are from the late ’90s, the time of Buffy. So why doesn’t Archie acknowledge what it’s imitating?

  3. If you’ve picked up on it, that’s good enough for me Bill. They’ve certainly responded to the market and gone with the horror route on a number of titles. I say this as a liker of all the shows/comics/properties concerned, and similarities and differences

  4. Have to admit, these look more interesting than the average Marvel or DC superhero comic. But almost anything does at this point.

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