Here’s a small preview of DENIS KITCHEN’S CHIPBOARD SKETCHBOOK, which presents some of his distinctive work from another medium — cardboard! The book, published by BOOM!, goes on sale tomorrow.

Following on the heels of THE ODDLY COMPELLING ART OF DENIS KITCHEN, an overview of the pioneering underground cartoonist published this summer by Dark Horse Books, DENIS KITCHEN’S CHIPBOARD SKETCHBOOK is comprised of particular kinds of drawings on “chipboard” that Kitchen has done below the radar for many years. Chipboard is the heavy, grainy card stock at the base of writing tablets. The artist started the habit of drawing on this unlikely substance during long, often boring production meetings at Kitchen Sink Press, his former company, when he would flip his notes tablet over and doodle with a combination of the only tools at hand: a Sharpie pen and fine-point Uni-ball pen.

With subject matter often extremely bizarre, or, in his own words, even “demented,” Kitchen filed these away for many years. They were seen only his close friends and colleagues…until now!

Click for larger versions of the two-page spreads:








  1. These look fascinating. I can relate to drawing on anything at hand.. I have stashed away lots of cartoons and illustrations that I produced as a teenager on chipboard, newsprint, and even corrugated cardboard. “Why,” I ask myself? “Because it was there,” my younger self responds.