In the second issue of A Calculated Man from Aftershock Comics, math genius Jack Beans is about to learn an important lesson about leaving remainders behind! A Calculated Man #2 by Paul TobinAlberto AlburquerqueMark Englert, and Taylor Esposito will be available at your Local Comic Shop beginning on July 20th, 2022, but you can get your first look at the second issue right here, today at The Beat!

A Calculated Man

A Calculated Man #2

Here’s the description of A Calculated Man #2 from the publisher:

“Its all very nice that math genius Jack Beans is following through on his ‘kill them all’ solution to the ‘a crime family is trying to kill me’ equation, but everyone makes mistakes, and Jack knows that mistakes always…ALWAYS…catch up to you. One fingerprint left behind, and now its not just the Pinafore Crime Family on his trail, but an entire citys police force as well! The big odds keep getting bigger!”

Available July 20th

Have you had the opportunity to pick up a copy of the first issue of the series? Will you be heading to your LCS or local public library to secure a copy of A Calculated Man #2 when it arrives on July 20th?

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A Calculated Man

A Calculated Man