Bluewater Productions, purveyor of the Female Force line of comics, which celebrates a wide variety of real life, strong female characters – from Sarah Palin to Martha Stewart to Justin Bieber – has just come out with an Elizabeth Taylor tribute comic. Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Bluewater appears to have timed the release with the so godawful it was good fun Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, featuring erstwhile starlet/tabloid target, Lindsay Lohan, as an incredibly uncharismatic, Dame Elizabeth (If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly suggest you play a drinking game based on the number of times Lindsay changes outfits while viewing, just don’t plan on getting behind the wheel Lohan-style afterwards).

But comics readers should take heed – this is a fun and informative little book, lovingly told by Hollywood blogger and first time comics writer, Dina Gachman – from the perspective of Taylor’s dog. As Gachman puts it, “(Liz & Dick) made Taylor and Burton look like two drunk fools. They drank a lot, no doubt, but I hate that there’s probably a whole generation that only knows Liz & Dick. Hopefully they can read the comic book as an antidote.”

If you would like to learn more about Taylor’s extraordinary life in non-Lifetime movie format, check out the preview below and consider picking up a copy. Gachman is also on deck to do a Marilyn Monroe tribute comic for Bluewater. So, if you’re in the mood for a campy but thoughtful read, put that one on your pull list as well.











  1. As ttashy and low brow a Lohan tv movie sounds.. a Bluewater comic told from the perspective of her dog sounds worse. The art is.. as usual for these books.. pretty amateur. Of course.. maybe not as bad as the Stephanie Meyer one which was narrated by.. ugh.. dacula. Bluewater has got to be one of lowest denominator cash grab publishers out there. Surprised they don’t have a Lohan one out.. or did they already do one? I feel bad for the writers and artists Bluewater gets for these. They probrably don’t know the industry and jump at the chance to make a comic. Heck.. we know Bluewater has contacted amateur artists on DeviantArt before and offered them rotten deals. Finding artists and writers new to the industry seems to be part of their plan.

  2. Seriously, a dog? Well, it’s not the first canine-related book from Bluewater. They did one featuring the Obama’s dog, Bo, a few years ago. I reviewed the comics devoted to the President and the First Lady and noted the shoddy research, sub-standard art, and the writer’s attempt to put himself into the story, claiming that he was at many of the couple’s key events. One of the two ended with some sort of Mayan sacrifice. What did that have to do with the Obamas?

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