Bluewater Productions, best (?) known for their biographical comics, publishes some other interesting titles.  (If you’re curious about which celebrities have been profiled, visit the website.)  Since their website is not robust, all links below direct to Barnes & Noble, of which I work but of which I do not speak.

So, what’s interesting? Will you consider buying one of these titles?  Let us know!

The Misadventures of Adam West

47 Decembers

Forever My Baby

Styx and Stone

Wrath of the Titans: Revenge of Medusa

Walter Konieg’s Raver

10th Muse: The Beginning

Missile to the Moon

Treasure Chest


It Came from Beneath the Sea… Again

Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics: The Seventies: A Rock Pantheon


Claw and Fang

S. E. Hinton’s Taming of the Star Runner

Anne of Green Gables



  1. You know when you are onto a loser when the covers look cheap and naff – normally a publisher hides how poor the content is with a kickass cover.

  2. Also how they’ll cancel the single issues of the mini usually by the 3rd issue and hope the fans buy the trade to see how it ends.

    They’ve attempted this now on at least 5 minis within the last year. They stop at 3, and then the trade shows up.

  3. Wow.

    Everything about this gives off the vibe of trailer trash trying to pass themselves off as a 1-percenter. Not that it matters, because both are equally vile.

  4. “all links below direct to Barnes & Noble, of which I work but of which I do not speak.”

    Might want to rephrase that. Unless B&N does something unspeakable to you? Or it’s like Fight Club (The first rule of Barnes & Noble…) Or perhaps I just need need a break from copy editing product descriptions. In either case we can now return to bashing Bluewater for their disgusting, slimy, and unethical business practices.

  5. Fight Club? First rule, exactly.
    I cannot confirm or deny that I am employed by a specific company. The company may or may not have issued such a policy when launching a color e-reader last year.

    (Yes, I did live in Washington, DC, for three years during the last Golden Age.)

  6. I believe the (good natured) nitpicking was about the fact that you were already speaking OF B&N, but don’t speak FOR them.