The seven Archangels are known to be God’s elite legion, but there is one more with a much different code of conduct when it comes to fighting for Heaven. Archangel 8 does what God and his other employees can’t do (and won’t do) in the battle between Heaven and Hell.

Read the synopsis from the publisher here:

In a world beyond the sight of mortals, Heaven and Hell wage war for the souls of man-kind. Principal among God’s legion are seven archangels written about in religious texts for millennia. But there is an eighth archangel, known only from passing allusions in Apocrypha, who operates under a different code. Fighting without God’s sanction, he faces the enemy on his own terms, and shows just how bad good can be.

Written by Michael Moreci and illustrated by CP Smith, the title features colors by Snakebite Cortez and letters by Sal Cipriano.

Archangel 8 #1 hits stores on March 18. Head over to your favorite local comic shop to grab your copy. Visit AWA’s website for more on the series along with information on their other comics debuting this month as well.

Ahead of the release, take a look at a preview of some interior pages and covers below.

Archangel 8 Archangel 8 Archangel 8 Archangel 8 Archangel 8