Fresh from IDW’s Twitter account comes a teaser which makes me wonder if perhaps my computer screen is somehow laced with opiates. According to the company, apparently this January a new storyline will cross Popeye with… Mars Attacks. Look, there’s an image for it and everything, I’m not lying to you:

It’s either the idea of a genius or idea of a madperson, it’s hard to tell. At any rate, I am absolutely desperate to know what’s going on here.

This January, Popeye The Sailor Man will fight Martians.

No news yet of the creative team, but if Roger Langridge is in charge I may possibly explode.

This is part of one of IDW’s ‘cross everything over!’ events which happen annually – and will also see Martians attacking Transformers; the Real Ghostbusters; and, uh, Kiss. And at the end of this, there’ll be a crossover between Mars Attacks and Zombies Vs Robots. Rub your eyes and look at the image. This is happening. This is really happening. Kiss Vs Martians, Popeye Vs Martians, Everybody Vs Martians.

It yis what it yis, I guesks!


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