Those two most reliable sources in the world The Daily Mail and Bleeding Cool are today suggesting that Joss Whedon has already started the casting for Avengers 2. An interesting claim, especially as they seem to think that Whedon’s first casting move is to find a Ms Marvel for the film. Not Captain Marvel – Ms Marvel. Which doesn’t seem like the sort of move Whedon would make… does it?

The two women linked to the role so far are, according to DM and BC, Emily Blunt – no stranger to Marvel, as she was one of the original choices for Black Widow way back when – and Ruth Wilson. Both British, both brown-haired. Which, again, makes the news seem somewhat unlikely. Two British brunettes in talks for Avengers, and they’re NOT being lined up to play Spider-Woman? Interesting. Also, bear in mind that Whedon is currently supervising on the SHIELD TV series, Avengers 2 isn’t scheduled until 2015, and that casting is still not complete for Captain America 2.

The character of Ms Marvel is so connected to America – a military woman, she practically screams patriotism at the moment – that it’d be a massive risk, really, for Whedon to cast a non-American in the role. And do we really think actresses like Wilson and Blunt would ever wear the Ms Marvel leotard? Psylocke aside, it’s one of the least flattering outfits in comic book history. Eyes front, soldier! This really doesn’t seem like a thing we’re going to see happen. It’s either a lie, or a diversion tactic from Marvel Studios.

I’m willing to be wrong!


  1. You’re absolutely right. No British person could ever play an American superhero.

    Except for Batman, Spider-Man and Superman of course.


  2. Recently a process was developed which could actually change a person’s hair color to whatever other color they would like it to be. I know it sounds crazy, but you must believe me, they are doing INCREDIBLE things with science these days.

  3. My understanding is that in Hollywood they have spent millions nay billions of Dollars developing a special technique they call…. acting.

    Using this little known process, the public have been fooled time and again by people pretending to be what they are not – famous examples of this include:

    * A man from Australia pretending to a norse god of Thunder;
    * A scottish man pretending to be an egyptian man pretending to be a spaniard while all the time having a scottish accent;
    * An Irishman pretending to be Abraham Lincoln.

  4. “Two British brunettes in talks for Avengers, and they’re NOT being lined up to play Spider-Woman?”

    I could be wrong and I don’t want to put words in Whedon’s mouth, but I doubt he cares all that much about anything Bendis has done with the Avengers.


  5. When I first read about this, I thought it was way too early for Avengers 2 casting, too. But it seems entirely like Marvel to give a character like this a cameo in an earlier movie, such as that Captain America 2 you mention. It might still be talked about as a role for Avengers 2 if that is where the role first becomes significant–see also Hawkeye in Thor/Avengers 1.

    And there is no way anyone in any of the movies is being put into the classic Ms. Marvel comic book outfit. Unless Danvers is co-starring with Steve Rogers in some new USO Shows, mayhaps?

  6. Brooklyn Decker.

    Wouldn’t be the first swimsuit model turn comic chick and we wouldn’t see a bad dye job Is anyone out there listening?

  7. The best thing about the Marvel Cinema Universe is they’ve avoided casting pretty girls with terrible acting skills. If they change that plan it will signal the beginning of the end.

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