§ Matt Shepherd remixes McCain: The Mavericking Maverick Mavericks More. (In case (like The Beat) you don’t have Frank Miller’s oeuvre memorized, the captions are all from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.)


§ PLUS, the NY Times looks at how cartoonists caricature the veeps, including comments from Drew Friedman.

The avuncular Joseph Biden reminds me of everybody’s favorite uncle, the one who is always making naughty wisecracks. He also resembles the late comic Dick Martin of Rowan and Martin fame.

Sarah Palin, when she poses for photos, still uses that frozen, Stepford Wife smile, a remnant of her beauty pageant days. But the glasses make it clear she has a brain.

§ To be frank, however, we’re voting for Brad Esposito.

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  1. I’ve said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it again here… John McCain has a jawline straight out of a Seth MacFarlane cartoon. Very Quagmire/Stan Smith. One party or the other should start capitalizing on that…