The new Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer, released early Wednesday morning, is both angry – and jammed with goodies. In just two minutes, we’ve got looks at the just announced Galarian forms (one of which is a new evolution for a third gen Pokémon), another new monster native to the Galar region who desperately needs a snack, a first look at two of our rivals and the inimitable squad with the timely name: Team Yell. Plus, the exciting reveal that even your favorite Pokémon can join in on the joys of capitalism with the new Poké Jobs feature.

Inspired by Alolan forms, the same ingenuity that gave us Exeggcutor but long, this next set of games is giving classic monsters a face lift with Galarian forms. The trailer kicks off with a look at Weezing’s alternate form; a gassy grey guy with an excellent combination smoke stack/top hats and Victorian mustaches made out of smog. It becomes instantly apparent that Game Freak is really clearly having a blast with this U.K. theme – and it doesn’t end there.

Pokémon sword and shield trailer

The second Galarian form revealed is for Zigzagoon and Linoone, both of which pick up a Dark type and become the smarmiest Pokémon you will ever lay eyes on. Nothing does them justice like the official description, which reveals so so much about the Galar region: “Their fearlessness, as well as their tendency to attack opponents head on, make Galarian Linoone very popular among the disaffected youths of the Galar region, who have nowhere to direct their frustration and anger.”

Those angry Linoone, when trained up by their equally angry trainers, will eventually evolve into Obstagoon; the blocking Pokémon. According to the official site, it likes to goad its enemies into attacking first before following up with its own counter.

Pokémon sword and shield trailer
Image by Game Freak


Next we move onto another new Pokémon, who seems to also harbor some issues with frustration – but much more relatably. Morpeko, aesthetically, is like if you took Pikachu and turned it into one of those Mighty Beanz toys. It’s also able to change it’s form depending on how hungry it is. The official names of these modes are Full Belly, which makes it an Electric type and Hangry, which turns it into a Dark type. Thanks to its Hunger Switch ability, it can alternate between either of these modes in the middle of battle – just because you’re fighting, doesn’t mean you can’t have a snack.

hangry mode

The trailer then transitions form Pokémon to the people of the Galar region, beginning with your rival, Bede. A blonde boy with a big coat, he’s setting out to challenge the Champion of the Galar Pokémon League – but he’s apparently got some ulterior motives that are unrevealed as of yet.

The second rival in this latest Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer is Marnie; the Morpeko using trainer who’s described as calm and calculating – and who’s success and amassed her an entire of army of fans.

This fandom calls itself Team Yell and, by the sounds of it, they are a near-perfect stand-in for internet trolls. As you go about your journey, challenging gyms and aiming to defeat the Pokémon League yourself, Team Yell is guaranteed to make an appearance. They want, more than anything, for Marnie to become the Champion, through any means necessary. Get a load of this: “they will take over hotel lobbies, prevent other challengers from accessing transportation, and even shout and distract opponents during battle.” Maybe this is why there are so many disaffected youths with misguided frustration here in the Galar region.

Finally, though not revealed in the trailer, Pokémon Sword and Shield are bringing along with them a brand new way to train your pals with Poké Jobs. In the Galar region, Pokémon and people work together constantly, whether for universities or corporations. Trainers can find job listings in the region’s various Pokémon centers, where they’ll see what type of Pokémon an employer is looking for and send them off via the Box system. On their return, they’ll bring back exp and, every once in awhile, some coveted rare items.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are just a few months out with a November 15 release date. Till then, check out the trailer below – and be sure to save up as much anger as possible for the games with the most 2019 energy yet.