Warner Brothers and Legendary Entertainment have released a new trailer for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. The adventure comedy stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular P.I. Pikachu (“P.I.kachu” TM The Beat) and Justice Smith as his human/not-quite-trainer/sidekick, Tim Goodman.

The latest trailer is a nice companion to the first trailer, presenting some backstory for Pikachu up until the moment he meets Tim. Pikachu, it seems, has amnesia, and the only clue he has to what happened to him is a deerstalker cap with the name and address of Tim’s father. Hilarity, naturally, ensues, and we get glimpses of more Pokémon throughout the new trailer, including Machamp, Snorlax, Lickitung (so gross), and a particularly ominous arrival for Mewtwo, who ensures that no child will ever sleep again by burning a Pikachu parade balloon that looks just like the cartoon iteration of the character.

Check out the trailer, as well as a few choice screenshots, below. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu opens in theaters on May 10th.