Poison Ivy, the DC Comics miniseries from creators G. Willow WilsonMarcio TakaraArif Prianto, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, has been a critical and sales success for the publisher since its launch last year, landing on many year-end Best Of lists (including The Beat‘s own list). Originally solicited as a six-issue series, the title was expanded to twelve issues back in August. Now DC has announced that Poison Ivy will become an ongoing series beginning in June with the series’s 13th issue.

Here’s how DC describes May’s Poison Ivy #12:

Ivy and Janet’s celebrity wellness excursion comes to a horrifically tantalizing close as Pamela Isley faces the unintended fruits of her murderous road trip. Will she make it back home to Harley in one piece or is Ivy going to be added to GLØP’s body count?

And here’s their description for issue #13:

There sure is nothing quite like a romantic night with your sweetie in the swamp to make your mouth water. It’s the dawn of a new day as Pamela Isley makes her return to Harley and Gotham City with a lovestruck Janet-from-HR in tow. The tension’s so thick you could cut it with a fan boat’s propeller!

Both issues of the series will sport main covers by Jessica Fong. Issue #12 will also feature variant covers by Jenny Frison, Xermánico, and Mateus Manhanini, while issue #13 will feature variants by Kai CarpenterFrank ChoMindy Lee, and Claire Roe.

Along with Poison Ivy #12, a collected edition of the series’ first six issues, subtitled The Virtuous Cycle, will also arrive in stores in May.

Poison Ivy has a very dedicated, vocal fanbase, but the success of the series to this degree was far from a foregone conclusion. It’s a testament to the quality of the stories – it’s really good – and the talent of the creators involved that the title has found a large enough audience to become an ongoing series. Congratulations to everyone involved for the well-deserved promotion.

Check out all the variant covers for Poison Ivy #12 below. The issue arrives in stores and digitally on Tuesday, May 2nd, and Poison Ivy #13 is due out on Tuesday, June 6th.