DC Comics‘s current Poison Ivy miniseries has been running for a few months now, to great critical acclaim. Now writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Marcio Takara, colorist Arif Prianto, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou‘s series is getting an upgrade. Originally planned as a six-issue series, the publisher has announced today that Poison Ivy will be extended for a second six-issue arc, making it a twelve-issue miniseries in total.

#6 Main Cover by Jessica Fong

Artist Atagun Ilhan will illustrate issues 7 and 8 of the newly-extended series, with Takara returning with issue 9. Ilhan is a graduate of DC’s Milestone Initiative, the 10-week program launched back in March to give opportunities to creators from diverse and underrepresented communities. As DC describes the December release, Poison Ivy #7 “kicks off the second six-issue arc of her story, with Ivy on a new mission, with a renewed outlook on life and a burgeoning new purpose.”

What might the second arc of Poison Ivy hold for Pamela Isley? In an interview with The Beat prior to the series launch, G. Willow Wilson teased that a certain Guardian of The Green might be popping by:

Grunenwald: Is there any crossover with the Swamp Thing series? Are you picking up on any similar threads from that in this book?

Wilson: I don’t know if I can answer that. I will say this, you know, we have the miniseries of six issues. If people go out and buy it, I have a further six issues in my head, which we could spin off into a second series. So the answer to that is ‘maybe.’

Given the success of Ram V and Mike Perkins‘s The Swamp Thing, another miniseries that saw its life extended thanks to critical and sales success, it would be a surprise if the two characters didn’t cross paths at some point soon.

Check out a slew of covers for Poison Ivy #7 and 8 below from artists including Jessica Fong, Jenny Frison, Warren Louw, Zoe Thorogood, Leirix, and Dan Panosian (a cover for issue 8 by Joshua Middleton has yet to be revealed), and look for issue 7 to arrive in stores and digitally on Tuesday, December 6th.

#6 Variant Cover (Open-to-Order) by Jenny Frison
#6 Variant Cover (Open-to-Order) by Warren Louw
#6 Variant Cover (1:25) by Zoe Thorogood
#7 Main Cover by Jessica Fong
#7 Variant Cover (Open-to-Order) by Leirix
#7 Variant Cover (1:25) by Dan Panosian