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This week on More To Come, the weekly podcast of Publishers Weekly Comics World, I talk to Bob Fingerman about the return of Minimum Wage, his reality infused comic last seen in 1999. It’s a bit of a follow up to the interview I did with him 9 months ago. When I spoke with him in March, 2013 Fingerman had just relaunched a deluxe edition of MINIMUM WAGE and was pondering getting back into the comics scene after time off to write novels. Back then he had no idea how how was going to bring back Minimum Wage and we spent some time debating the merits of posting it digitally.

Fortunately, as he discusses in the podcast, Image provided a welcome home for the return. In this 23-minute talk. Fingerman discusses where Bob Fingerman ends and Rob Hoffman begins, deciding to go with Image, if divorce can ever be funny, what he’s learned about current comics in 9 months, and many other things.

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