Plotagon lets you make your own animated movie with the help of Stan Lee


Okay, so there’s this new software thinger called Plotagon and once you upload your screenplay and make a few other settings it uses Sims-like animation to make a little movie out of it. Screencraft has more details, but apparently you can also purchase a Stan Lee plug-in that helps you make a superhero movie. Settings include The Lair, a bank vault, head quarters, and of course, a rooftop. Yep sounds like they covered all the bases.

A “Pride and Prejudice” module is also available. “Please Mr. Darcy, can you clean my bath tub?”

According to the corporate website:

You don’t have to learn complicated tools or know anything about animation. Plotagon animates everything for you. Press play, and environments and props are put into position, dialogue is converted into speech, and characters come alive before your eyes.

There are several samples on the site, and they are pretty damned bizarre. And yet impressive.

Maybe they’ll add a “yaoi pack” and we can really go to town.

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