Following Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase, we finally know the price of both next-generation consoles. Last week Microsoft confirmed a leak that they’re selling the high-powered Xbox Series X for $499 their next-gen but more modestly powered and modestly priced alternative the Xbox Series S for $299. We already knew that Sony was releasing two different versions of the PlayStation 5, but the only difference between them is a disc drive. Today Sony unveiled a $499 price for the version with the disc drive and a $399 price for the one without it. 

PlayStation 5 Showcase console

Fans and press were concerned that the company would repeat the mistake of the PS3 launch and sell their system for a higher price than the Xbox. Both Sony and Microsoft are taking losses on the sales of new consoles which they hope to make up in software sales. Microsoft has a deeper wallet to take that hit, but Sony smartly followed suit in order to not give their competitor a price advantage.

The higher-priced models are both $499, but the prices of the other systems present an interesting contrast. The Xbox Series S has the discless PlayStation 5 beat by $100, but to hit that number it sacrifices 4K Ultra HD as well as a disc drive. Maximizing visual settings is a big appeal for gamers, particularly early adopters. For customers looking to get a new console at the lowest price possible, the Xbox Series S wins out. Alternatively, the discless PlayStation 5 is the least expensive way to acquire the most cutting-edge tech for console gamers.

The lower-priced options serve different purposes in the market, but Sony has the clear advantage when it comes to software, especially for the launch lineup. The maker of the PlayStation 5 revealed new titles coming to the system, deeper looks at games we already expected, and an impressive upgrade to one of their subscription services. Here’s the new info and content shared at the event:

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay

Insomniac Games finally showed gameplay for the semi-sequel teased during Sony’s last big PlayStation 5 event. It looks like an impressive evolution of the gameplay from the 2018 Spider-Man title. The most interesting addition is Miles’ ability to slow down time, which increases the opportunity to string together combos. Sony revealed that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will also be available on PlayStation 4, which is good news to the tens of millions of gamers who won’t be ready to update to the new console this holiday.

Demon Souls is a launch title

Now that Sony shared that Miles Morales is a cross-generation title, Sony needed to give potential customers an extra reason to upgrade to PlayStation 5. They did so by revealing that Demon Souls, the next remake by Bluepoint Games, is a launch title. Demon Souls is the original Soules-like that inspired the Dark Souls trilogy and the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. Until now Demon Souls was trapped on the PlayStation 3. Now it’s coming back bigger and better.

Hogwarts Legacy debut trailer

The game isn’t exclusive to PlayStation but Sony nabbed the opportunity to introduce Hogwarts Legacy to the world in this PlayStation 5 Showcase. The long-rumored game developed by Avalanche Software allows you to play as a wizard in the world of Harry Potter and go through a school year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It’s unfortunate timing for the game reveal when fans are questioning their fandom of Harry Potter in light of J.K. Rowling’s blatant transphobia. She wasn’t involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy but she will financially benefit from its success, so gamers need to decide for themselves whether or not they’re comfortably supporting the title with their dollars.

PlayStation Plus Collection

In 2020, paying $60 a year in order to play your PlayStation 5 games online seems a bit greedy, especially since online multiplayer is free on a PC. In order to make the subscription more appealing, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus collection, which gives PS+ subscribers access to some of the PlayStation 4’s defining games. The trailer showed titles like God of War, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, and more games that will be available through the Collection.

God of War: Ragnarok tease

PlayStation 5 Showcase 2021

The PlayStation 5 Showcase ended with a tease for the next God of War, promising the arrival of Ragnarok. The 2018 God of War is one of the best titles of the generation and a perfect expression of Sony’s ability to develop emotionally stirring, story-driven action adventures. Its sequel is seemingly so early in development that the team isn’t ready to share more than a logo, even though the game is slated to come out next year. Creating a sequel in just 3 years is a tall order, so we’ll see if the 2021 release year sticks. Sony needn’t worry, though, considering how many 2021 games they announced during the PlayStation 5 reveal.

The PlayStation 5 Showcase went above and beyond expectations by revealing several high-profile games to look forward to in the coming years. More importantly, the event soothed fears that Sony would repeat its hubris from the PlayStation 3 era by matching Xbox’s price tag. It all but ensures the PlayStation 5 will dominate this holiday, paving the way for another successful console generation for Sony.