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NOT APRIL FOOL’S…apparently. Warren Ellis reveals that the years-in-the-making PLANETARY #27 may actually be nearing the finish line.

While I was in London getting bladdered being a responsible writer yesterday, I got an email from DC Wildstorm to tell me that John Cassaday was, apparently without warning, uploading the complete art for #27 into their FTP space.

I now have those pages on my computer. #27 is all done sans the cover.

To prove it’s not a hoax, dream, or ’60s Superman story, Ellis even posts some art. Since Warren is about the last person on earth who would engage in anything resembling an April Fool’s Joke, we think this is the real deal.


  1. I think he mentioned it on Twitter yesterday. But it may have already been midnight in funny England time.

  2. I can attest that I was on the phone with Hank Kanalz of Wildstorm late on Monday, and he told me new PLANETARY pages were in. He was happy about it. It didn’t sound like the whole issue, though, but I suppose that’s what came in Tuesday.

    I was able to give Hank some good news on the ARROWSMITH follow-up, too, so he had multiple reasons to be happy.


  3. Laura Martin had mentioned on the 31st that she was receiving the inked pages to start coloring — and even amended the post to say that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. So sometime this summer, it seems…