Among tomorrow’s comics, our special pick is EGOs by Stuart Moore and Gus Storms. Why? story sounds cool, about a guy trying to save the universe, by getting the old gang together. Unfortunately the old gang includes his ex-wife, and that means battles of all kinds.

The villain—Masse, the Living Galaxy—has the cosmic feeling we all like to so much. Any new book by Stuart Moore is worth checking out, but I’m also excited to see artist Gus Storms getting his own book at Image. Storms is a local boy from SVA, and the minute I saw his samples at Portfolio Day a few years ago, I was sure he’d get his name out there in a big way some day. Obviously I wasn’t the only one, as they told Robot 6:

Moore: Gus took a class at the School of Visual Arts taught by my business partner, Marie Javins. In addition to being a comics editor and acclaimed travel writer, Marie is handling some of our production and co-editing the book with me. She showed me Gus’ work and I immediately loved it. His storytelling is flawless, and his art has a slightly European feel that sets it apart from most American comics. I’d written the first EGOs script and was looking for an artist co-conspirator, and Gus’s sci-fi-flavored work was absolutely perfect.

Storms: As Stuart mentioned, he tapped me right out of school, so the decision was simpler on my end. That said, Stuart’s mix of char-driven scifi and considerable comics pedigree made joining up an easy choice.

So a strong concept AND local boy makes good. Here’s a peek at why everyone is high on Gus Storms and EGOs. It’s on sale tomorrow.






  1. Stuart’s writing isn’t bad, but this book is so dated. The art looks like a bad version of Liefeld– and that’s really saying something. The anatomy doesn’t even begin to make sense in many of the scenes, and the skewed perspective isn’t so much a style choice as it is lack of experience. I found this book to be totally underwhelming, apart from how cringe-worthy some of the artwork was.

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