200809181348Yesterday, we had a asterisk next to the phrase “colon comic,” but tragically, that colon never paid off, distracted as we were by Lex Luthor’s takeover of AIG, and Roxxon’s buying the Lehman Bros. building. Here’s what we MEANT to say:

*”Colon comics” is ©Tom Spurgeon as evidenced in this review of FINAL CRISIS: Legion of 3 Worlds #1:

These are colon series — not colon as in being full of crap, but colon as in they’re frequently named as derivatives of the bigger series. Thus, “Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.” For those of you further unaware of this particular event brand, the series that DC designates with the term “crisis” tend to be reality-bending armageddons that posit the central importance of DC Comics icons in nothing less than the meaning of life itself.

Of course Marvel has a bumper crop of colon comics, too: DARK REIGN: NEW NATION and SECRET INVASION: REQUIEM #1 and so on. But the idea of a “Colon Crisis” gives rise to many allusions and ideas!

We’d also like to salute Sean T. Collins for this:

Can we at least agree that people who are serial ruiners-of-companies–these nightmarish Bizarro Mariano Rivieras who never fail to close down their own ventures, in the process lying and robbing and sucking up as much cash for themselves and their cronies as they can and leaving others holding the bag

We call these can’t-stay-deaders entrepreneurs “Zombies” ourselves, but “Bizarro Mariano” is much better,

Of course, even Mariano isn’t Mariano any more, but that’s a whole other blog…


  1. Zombies? Well, in the grand historical tradition, you could call them Irsays, after Robert Irsay, owner of the Baltimore Colts, who left that city in the middle of the night for Indianapolis.

    Or maybe “Dubyuhs”?

  2. “even Mariano isn’t Mariano anymore”

    what on earth are you talking about, Beat?

    at the age of 38, Mo may have had his best season this year—36 saves, a 1.52 ERA, a stunning 73 K to 6 BB ratio and a .69 WHIP.

    The Yankees aren’t The Yankees this year; Mo is still very much Mo.

    Please correct your story and issue a formal apology.

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