Peter David, legendary writer of The Incredible HulkSpider-Man 2099Supergirl, and more, has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack and a series of strokes. The news spread online after the launch of a GoFundMe on Sunday to help pay for his medical expenses.

TMZ of all places reported on the circumstances around David’s hospitalization, as told to them by his wife, Kathleen David:

Peter tried getting out of bed last week, but instead he slid off because he was unable to use his legs. Kathleen was able to get him standing and take him downstairs, but after he was unable to get off the couch for 5 hours, she called 911. We’re told paramedics took him to a hospital, noting he was gray when they arrived. Kathleen says she later learned Peter had suffered a mild cardiac event and a major stroke … followed by a few smaller ones.

In the days since the launch of the GoFundMe, Kathleen David has provided updates on her husband’s condition. This one is from Monday, November 28th:

This morning they put a heart monitor in his chest to keep an eye on what is going on with his heart.
There are still a series of tests they need to do with his carotid arteries before we know the next step.
On the good side, the stroke and the aftershocks were not as bad as ten years ago.
He working hard on his physical therapy and is bouncing back much better this time around. If he keeps it up then he is home.
He is still the wisecracking storyteller he has always been

She also posted a photo of Peter in his hospital bed earlier today:

The Hero Initiative also posted an update saying they’ve been in touch with the David family and are ready to assist as needed:

David previously suffered a stroke back in 2012The Beat wishes him a speedy recovery. You can donate to the Davids’ GoFundMe here.


  1. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Peter David is only one of the few people who knows how to rein me in whenever I go postal on facebook.

    And I loved World War M.



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