Large-Msg-11897638265Artist Chris Weston is no stranger to mayhem, having drawn THE FILTH, THE TWELVE, and many more beloved comics classics. Doubtless the ninja training of working with Grant Morrison and JMS has honed his senses into the lightning fast reflexes he needed to actually solve a crime! After witnessing a robbery at his local bank, Weston raced home to sketch the dastardly perp. The rest:

I took my drawings round to the local cop-shop. Finding it full of your usual oiks and ne’er-do-wells, I was reluctant to broadcast my status as as a grass (yes I’m aware of the irony of that last statement given that I’m now announcing my deeds to the world on a blog)… so I gingerly approached the desk and whispered “I’d like to report a serious crime…”. The copper patiently asked for some more details, so I mouthed “The bank robbery …”. This got his attention and he asked me if I was a witness.

“I’m more than a witness!” I blurted, “Check these out!”

With the help of Weston’s artistic fidelity, the felon was nabbed and justice restored. All in a day’s work for…Comic Book Artist Man.


  1. Is it possible that Mr. Weston could stop fighting crime for a few seconds and give his pal Mr. Straczynski a call, and maybe schedule a dinner date or something, and hash out this whole “The Twelve” thing?

    I’m just kidding. Way to be a hero, Chris!

    But seriously, finish “The Twelve”.

  2. “But seriously, finish “The Twelve”.”

    An artist cannot draw what is not written –

    As Weston says on his blog,

    “I’ll just leave you with everything I know on the subject of the book’s future:

    “it’s going to be finished come hell or high water”

    So says JMS”.

    and in the post below he notes that

    “(And before anyone complains, if I had Twelve scripts I would be drawing them.)”