We won’t out this blogger, except to say that Time Out New York has deemed him one of New York’s most ELIGIBLE bachelors:

Brian H., 28; blogs editor for PC Magazine and editor-in-chief of The Daily Cross Hatch; Astoria, Queens

Why he’s a great catch: “I say funny things and know things about stuff. I’m nice to small, helpless animals. I’ve got a steady job (fingers crossed) that allows me to be creative and gets me free tickets to rock shows. I would be awesome on your trivia team and your mom will probably like me. Also, I am a passable harmonica player. This will come in handy when you least expect it.”

Get ‘im, girls!


  1. 1st half of the article title:

    “Looking for a summer fling?”

    Then it’s a pic of the guy holding a naked mannequin around the boob area..

    Um, yeah. Bachelor, DEFINITELY, gonna get some from this article…surely not.