This week’s New Yorker contains many things comics … a cover by Ivan Brunetti, a print ad for the Vertigo Crime Line (props to DC for outside-the-box marketing) and a story on HBO’s upcoming series Bored to Death in Brooklyn. The show is notable because it is written by sometimes comics scripter Jonathan Ames, and the cast includes characters based on some of Ames’ friends…including one based on his THE ALCOHOLIC collaborator, Dean Haspiel, portrayed by comic (of the other kind) Zack Galifianakis.

Galifianakis, who plays a comic-book artist named Ray, said, “I bike to the set every day.” He was walking a bit stiffly, and he reached down to rub his right knee.

“What happened to your knee?” Thirlby asked.

“I don’t know how it happened,” Galifianakis said. “It just slowly started getting painful and then more painful.”

“You need to go to a doctor,” Thirlby said.

Strange. Unknown, perhaps to the writer, or maybe even Galifianakis, the REAL Haspiel sustained a broken knee many years ago and walks with a bit of a limp. Even more oddly, the story continues…

The next scene was outside Ralph’s Meat Corp.: Schwartzman is running down the street with a limping Galifianakis (his knee injury had to be written into the script), and they bump into Thirlby.

Odd. Is this a reverse King Mob/Grant Morrison-like case of real life spilling into the fictional? Will Galifianakis soon start taking off his shirt at parties and talking about webcomics? Developing.


  1. Dino definitely deserves to be portrayed by someone better looking that Galifianakis. No offense to Zack. But, you know, seriously.

  2. After wasting two hours of my life and $18 to see The Hangover — an amazingly unfunny “comedy” — I’m convinced the only person who could play the cool, debonair and often shirtless Dean Haspiel convincingly is the Dino himself…