Heidi’s off at Congress, as per usual, meaning there’s just me here at Stately Beat Mansion right now. It would be very bad luck indeed to not have a roundup piece on a Friday the 13th, so here’s a selection of news, opinion pieces, artwork, and all kinds of other stuff. Here’s some of the things which’ve caught my eye over the last few days.


The last page of Paul Harrison-Davies webcomic Astrodog is up today, making this a perfect chance for you to jump in from the start.

Sarah McIntyre’s taking over the UK right now. Look! She’s been on the radio with Katie Melua, and everything!

Top Shelf are running their annual $3 sale, with a number of notable comics available at a deeply reduced price. Go take a look round, see if there’s anything you fancy!


Mark Kardwell interviews Milligan and McCarthy about… The Best of Milligan and McCarthy!

The Outhousers suggest 5.2 reasons why DC shouldn’t fire Dan DiDio.

On the other hand, retailer OK Comics pen an open letter to DC Comics regarding their Villains Month initiative, or rather DC’s messing up of said initiative.


Jason Sacks has a brilliant interview with Elaine Will, about a graphic novel I’d not heard of before – but which sounds utterly fascinating.

Ant Man, directed by Edgar Wright and written by Wright and Joe Cornish, has been placed for release in 2015.

Not comics, but you can sponsor David Brothers on a charity 5K run he’s doing on behalf of Prevention International. If you sponsor, you are guaranteed not to be cursed for the rest of this Friday 13th. Guaranteed!

Jeremy Whitley’s been on the promotional trail for the return of his series Princeless.


Marvel have released an app for iPhones and iPads and all those other fancy iThings which brings JARVIS onto your screen. Voiced by Paul Bettany, the app allows you to find secrets unlocked in the Iron Man 3 DVD, which is out sometime soon. 

Self-promotion is all the rage nowadays, so here’s my pitch for the Perfect Wonder Woman Movie.

If you’ve never read Andy Oliver’s Small Press Column over at Broken Frontier, I’d recommend it!

Brian Cronin takes a look at the universally-agreed worst Avenger of all time Wonder Man, and specifically the awful outfits the character has worn over the years.



  1. The worst Avenger, or one of the worst, at least, IMO, was Gilgamesh. When a storyline doesn’t work, everyone in it looks “Bleah!” Wonder Man was good in Englehart’s WEST COAST AVENGERS.


  2. Thanks for the plug for my Broken Frontier ‘Small Pressganged’ column Steve! Anything that helps me put some extra eyes on the multitude of amazing small press/self-published/micropublished books out there at the moment is hugely appreciated.

  3. Good to see Astrodog get a mention. Great strip from one of the most under rated cartoonists in the UK.

  4. He’s nowhere near the worst Avenger. I’d say he’s easily mid-range. There are a ton of Avengers worse than him (Dr Druid, Black Knight, Wolverine, Two-Gun Kid,etc). And his black and red suit isn’t bad at all, and he looks awesome when they draw him all purple kirby dots.

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