This weekend sees Small Press Expo take place over in Maryland, and AdHouse have leapt out the gate early with the announcement that they are going to publish a collection of cartoonish Noah Van Sciver’s work as ‘Youth is Wasted’, due in 2014.


Collecting together primarily his series Blammo, the book will also feature a number of his other short stories published elsewhere, as part of various anthologies. Comics Reporter has more details, being as Tom Spurgeon is actually at SPX right now, and he notes that Youth is Wasted will be 112 pages long, priced at $12.95 softcover. Van Sciver is quoted:

The stories I’m putting into this book are very meaningful to me, and Adhouse is one of the few publishers I’d trust to present them tastefully. I can’t think of one Adhouse book that sucks.

Youth is Wasted is scheduled for publication in June 2014.