….so come on down!

Seriously…no pressure.

WHY am I giving a talk? Because I donated a bunch of my mini-comics from the 90s on to the Library of Congress, and as part of the SPX festivities, I get to give a little talk.

I’ve been pondering my subject—notable books in the evolution of the graphic novel that aren’t as much remembered as they could be—for a long time. But I’m still putting it together.

What’s on the list?

You’ll have to come to find out. (Because I haven’t finished the list yet.)

The talk is free and open to the public. More info here.


  1. BTW, if you are local, the dining room at Madison is one of the nicest eateries on Capitol Hill. Nice view of Jefferson and the Capitol, if I recall.

    Be sure to take a tour of the Jefferson Building! Built by the craftsmen who made the Columbia Exposition (the White City) such a success! The most beautiful building in DC!

  2. Heidi, Their collection also has ALL of the art material I produced for my Book of Ballads (original scripts with notes, thumbnail layouts and all 150 pages of original art) which I donated to them about two years ago. I still get a thrill each time I realize that my work is under their roof. Say hello to Martha Kennedy from me, okay? Best, Charles

  3. Heidi,

    I would check out your lecture for sure if I was there. As it happens, I’ll be there a month later. I am taking note of all the tips for visitors in the comments section.

    – Lee

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