The Fauves, the official awards of the Angoulême Comics Festival were handed out over the weekend and there was no mockery or satire, only awards for comics. Thanksthe lord for small favors. The complete list can be found at ToutenBD, but I’ve adapted their list with English translations where possible or appropriate.

Philippe de Pierpont and Éric Lambé won the top prize for Landscape After the Battle. Manga made a strong showing in the winners, and Ancco, a Korean artist, winning best newcomer, created some excitement for the Korean comics community. No US winners though.


▪ Fauve d’or/Best Album: “Paysage après la bataille” (Landscape After the Battle) by Philippe de Pierpont and Éric Lambé (Actes Sud BD/Frémok)

▪ Special Jury Prize: “Ce qu’il faut de terre à l’homme” (What is Earth to Man) by Martin Veyron, Dargaud.


▪ Best Series: “Chiisakobe” volume 4 by Minetaro Mochizuki (Le Lézard Noir)


▪ Best new artist: “Mauvaises filles” (Bad Girls) by Ancco (Cornélius)


▪ Best Reprint: “Le Club des divorcés” Vol. 2 by Kazuo Kamimura (Kana)


▪ Audience Award: “L’Homme qui tua Lucky Luke” by Matthieu Bonhomme (lucky Comics)


▪ Best Thriller: “L’Été Diabolik” by Alexandre Clérisse et Thierry Smolderen (Dargaud)


▪ Best Book for Younger Readers: “La Jeunesse de Mickey” (Young Mickey House) by Tébo (Glénat)


▪ Alternative Comics Award: “Biscoto, Le journal plus fort que costaud” (Biscotto, the stronger than beefy newspaper) published by Association Biscoto editions and founded by Julie Staebler and Suzanne Arhex.


▪ Local Young Cartoonists awards: 3rd Prize: “L’Étang” by Yannick Grossetête; 2nd prize: “Jour 1 : Qu’est-ce que je fous là ?” by Fabien Roché; 1st prize”Jeux Olympiques des Athlètes Aléatoirement Répartis” by Nassim Sarni.
▪ Best newcomer, regional: “Pour une vie meilleure” by Théo Masson.

The following awards are all given to students at the local comics school, Concours de la BD Scolaire:
▪ Best cartoonist: “Monde à part” by Clémence André.
▪ Best design: “Dessins jetés” by Elliot Royer
▪ Best Writer: “Bien vu Monsieur Darwin” by Kerrian Giammattei.
▪ Best “Coup de Coeur” (Sorry I missed that one – Xavier?????) “Dans un monde sans berger” by Léopold Kalinda.

And awards for younger cartoonign students in local schools:
▪ School prize: “La Cantoche, Vol. 1 “Premier service” by Nob (BD Kids)
▪ Local college prize: “Ninn”, Vol. 1, “La ligne noire” by Jean-Michel Darlot and Johan Pilet (Kennes)
▪ Local school prize: “L’Homme qui tua Lucky Luke” by Matthieu Bonhomme (Lucky Comics)

CHECK THESE LAST THREE OUT! They are very cool!

▪ Digital Challenge award: 3rd place: Camille Prieur of la Comble and Vincent Malgras for “L’Odyssée 2.0”; 2nd place: Antoine Maillard for “Roaxaca Zone”; First place: Vidu and Batraf for “L’Immeuble” (The House).


  1. – “Ce qu’il faut de terre à l’homme” (What is Earth to Man)

    Classic Tolstoy story whose English title is, “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”

    – “La Jeunesse de Mickey” (Young Mickey House)

    “Young Mickey” or “Mickey’s Youth”.

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