§ Nice Art: Archie’s Free Comic Book Day offering will be a comic set in the Riverdale universe and of course Franceso Francavilla does the cover. The preview is…salacious:

Writer Brian E. Paterson and artist Elliot Fernandez will reveal the hidden tales from Archie’s summer working at his father’s construction company and how things change during a fateful encounter with his music teacher, Ms. Grundy. In the second story, writer James DeWille and artist Thomas Pitilli explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding Veronica’s move from New York to Riverdale.

Oh yes, Ms. Grundy. (Via Johanna, who didn’t like Riverdale at all.)

§ I know it is hard to concentrate on anything but current events, but my job is to run a comics news site, and because people’s livelihoods (including my own) depend on selling comics and making comics, that’s what I’m sticking with here. Hopefully when you need a break from social media, you’ll find something here to entertain or inform you. So, that’s what I’m up to, except I’ll probably be protesting and marching quite a bit more.

§ The Angoulême comics festival over in France wrapped up, seemingly without scandal or embarrassment. The above video has some of the highlights of the four day fest.

§ Damian Duffy is the author of the GN adaptation of Kindred, Octavia Butler’s seminal SF novel, and it also happens to be the LAST graphic novel to be #1 on the NY Times now ended graphic books bestseller list. He posted about this, and about how he got a bottle of champagne from his publisher when the book hit #1 and observes:

The designation of a New York Times bestseller carries with it a certain level of cultural capital, not just in terms of sales (because how much a place on the list impacts sales for books is debatable), and not because of some desperate need for attention for graphic novels (which is one of the few categories in publishing showing major growth). But, as a marker of respect, and as a way of presenting a diversity of readers an entry point into the comics art medium, the designation carries with it a very particular cultural cachet. I mean, I’ve added it to my bio, and I wish there was more of a chance for deserving graphic novelists reaching wide audiences to be able to put that line on their resume as well.


§ Making lists of people seems like a fairly disreputable activity these days but Tom Spurgeon is doing it for very good reasons, and you can help him here.

§ Jamie Coville has surveyed more than 100 best of lists and came up with The Combined Best Graphic Novels of 2016! and it’s March and The Vision tied the top. Two books that came out of Washington DC. Coville observes:

Image is the most popular publisher with the greatest # of books on the list. Tom King is the most popular writer right now, with Brian K. Vaughan coming a close 2nd.



§ British convention runner Kev Brett has put out a graphic novel called The Making of a Comic-Con, which includes humorous cartoons based on his experiences. I would think a lot of people need to read this book.


  1. § Gavin Dillinger out of The Outhouse

      “I never quite knew how I’d say goodbye to The Outhouse, just that I would. Would I write a fluff piece about a Marvel Editor and be hired by said editor? Would I lob softballs to an editor-in-chief in the midst of a building sexual assault scandal and be hired for Dark Horse? Would I be podcast buds with an editor at Marvel and then be given the opportunity to write a nostalgia project? The possibilities were endless […]”

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