Cheating a little here for ComiXology Sunday, but here’s a 16 page handbook created by the CBLDF about banned comics (including Drama and Bone), how to fight banning and other actions. Maybe a little inspiration for those who wish for it. It’s a free download here. 


  1. Marvel is on the list of banned comics, because, and I quote, they are ” deemed ‘perverted’ to enable, and perpetuate spending $4.+ on variant covers, and gimmicks, instead of quality stories, and kick ass sequential content…” (the actual wording, seriously) -Wow, can you beleive the nerve of those people…Wow, I’M ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT SHOCKED! I even have a varient cover of how shocked I am, and if you buy 100 of my first print variant’s, I will send the black and white Alex Ross variant, yup… -They said everything from Marvel;s “The Return”‘s all gotta go…! They all apparently suck. Amazed, we all are, …Maybe Axel Alonso and Cebulski, and all can go be OK somewhere else…

    You know what else is banned -accessing, and buying print comic books that are outside the phlimsy ‘comic book’ format -overpriced as hell

    This is pretty SWEET though,:

    -Thank you for that. If I had a job, I would donate, but I am an ‘American’ w/going on fifteen years of I.T. tech support experience, and no job security, so …maybe some of the outsourced labor housed in many of the condo complexes across the USA may have one guy from India that reads comics and will donate…

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