After a few weeks of speculation it’s been confirmed that its extremely likely that Paul Rudd will play the title role in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie. This is all good, as Rudd is that rarest leading man: the really good looking guy who likes to be a goofball. Given that this is supposed to be the quirkiest Marvel movie yet, with the comedic and wonderful Wright at the helm, Rudd seems like ideal casting. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also rumored to be in the running but it looks like he’s going to be Sandman.

The big question now: will this Ant-Man be Hank Pym or, as several movie sites are insisting, Scott Lang? If they go with Lang they can still bring Pym back as Giant Man or Yellowjacket or something. Given that Lang seems like a more lighthearted character than Hank, I’ll go with that version.

Ant-Man comes out in 2015.


  1. Rudd and Wright together!! YAAAY!! I’m hoping for Hank (so we can get Jan Van Dyne on the big screen) and have the original Ant-Man’s rogues gallery show up.
    (I meant this “rogues gallery” comment to be snarky, but the likes of Egghead, The Porcupine or the Living Eraser in the hands of Wright would be a hoot ;) But the Scott angle seems to be where this is headed.
    “Pym-particles; works every time!”

  2. Or could this be the ethically-challanged-ex-SHIELD-agent version of Ant-Man from “The Incorrigible Ant-Man” a few years back.

  3. Shawn: It was “The Irredeemable Ant-Man.” But yeah, great series! Easily the best thing Kirkman did in his time at Marvel. I’d love to see a big screen version of that, but Eric O’Grady was such a sleazeball that I don’t think Marvel’d let it be recreated faithfully enough to be worth it.

  4. I love Paul Rudd. I am against him being cast for this role. I just don’t buy it. At least he’ll probably do a better job than Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, but that shouldn’t be a difficult task.

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