Paul Pope’s long long delayed magnum opus is finally coming out this fall. EW has the cover and the scoop:

First: The book. Battling Boy is set on an alternate Earth – there are countless within this Lovecraftian multiverse — that’s having of a crisis moment: Monsters from another realm are terrorizing the dystopian sprawl of Arcopolis. When the ghouls assassinate the city’s high flying protector, a stern and gadgety Batman-meets-Iron Man type named Haggard West (he has a jet pack; drives a “Westmobile”), the suffering masses receive a new hero from the interdimensional mystical mothership from which all heroes come from: A haughty yet naïve superboy, the scrapping son of a war god. (You’ll meet both father and son in our exclusive excerpt from the book, which begins on page three.)

The excerpt is done in EW’s horrible “digital loupe” method they’ve been using for previews since 2007. People, they have iPads and Guided View now.

Be that as it may, Battling Boy should make the second half of 2013 a lot of fun.


  1. So looking forward to this. Pope is one of the more inventive, original voices in comics. A real innovator in an industry of copycats.

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