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Dark Horse has assembled an all-star cast of creators for a 27-issue adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved novel American Gods. Long time Giaman collacborator P. Craig Rusell and Scott Hampton lead the charge. There will be three story arcs, Shadows, My Ainsel, and The Moment of the Storm, which will all be collected into hardcovers. The first issue ofAmerican Gods: Shadows goes on sale March 15, 2017.

Around the same time, the Bryan Fuller produced American Gods tv show for Starz will debut, so it’s American Gods all the way.

Russell previously collaborated with Gaiman’s on several award-winning issues of Sandman, The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, and Coraline and The Graveyard Book, so he should be up to the task. He’ll adapt and co-write the series, with  Hampton (Hellboy, Batman) on art. Glenn Fabry (Preacher) and Adam Brown (Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens) do the main covers with David Mack (Kabuki, Fight Club 2) and Dave McKean (Black Dog, Cages) do first issue variant covers.

AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, the sereis will include a few “guests artists”: Walt Simonson (Thor), Mark Buckingham (Fables), Colleen Doran (The Sandman), P. Craig Russell, and more.

Talk about A-list! As it should be.

In a statement, Gaiman expressed enthusiasm for the project: “There’s a tremendous amount of excitement, in my house and in the world, about the American Gods TV series coming up on Starz. What we’ve managed to keep a secret until now is that there is something just as exciting out there: American Gods, the comic. I’ve been watching P. Craig Russell breaking down the book into comic form, watching Scott Hampton painting the pages, watching Glenn Fabry create the covers, and grinning to myself with delight, because the American Gods comic is going to be an astonishing, faithful, and beautiful adaptation.”

American Gods: Shadows #1 finds Shadow Moon released from jail only to discover his wife has died. Broken and uncertain about his future, Shadow Moon meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who employs him to serve as his bodyguard. This fateful decision thrusts Shadow into a deadly supernatural world where ghosts of the past come back from the dead, and a brewing war between old and new gods hits a boiling point.


Merrilee Heifetz at Writers House brokered the deal. Gaiman’s stories  How to Talk to Girls at Parties, Troll Bridge, Forbidden Brides were previouysly adapated by Dark Horse.




  1. jacob, I read Sandman first and really enjoyed American Gods. Gaiman obviously took various ideas from Sandman, especially Seasons of Mist and I felt took those ideas into new places and was a very enjoyable read.

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