Look, in frankness, I’m tired of talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Most critics, myself included, did not enjoy the movie, while many fans were much more forgiving of its faults.  However despite my reticence to discuss BvS, I have to admit that this story is fascinating. In a recent interview, actor Ben Affleck, who played Batman in the film, gave a candid review of the Zack Snyder opus.

Check out his comments below, which start at the 1:15 mark:

According to Affleck:

“[Batman v Superman is] interesting: It was a huge hit movie — more people went to see that than any movie I’ve made in my career. It was the biggest hit of my career and then it had so much editorial negativity. Fans went, and I got a lot of positive response. It was interesting, that movie, because it was judged not necessarily on execution so much as on its tone. People seemed to want to have a lighter tone to the movie, and I thought that was interesting. Tone is not a qualitative thing. It’s subjective, right? Some tones resonate with me that might not with you. And the tone of the movie was really parallel to the Frank Miller book [The Dark Knight Returns], which I liked and thought was great. I’m glad that so many people went and so many people liked the movie.”

When asked whether or not he liked the movie, Affleck said “Yeah. Yeah, I loved it.”

Personally, I think DC has overblown the criticism of Batman v Superman‘s dark tone and turned it into a scapegoat. The bigger problems I had with the film were its choppy editing, questionable character development, and the creative team’s decision to sacrifice character drama in order to stuff more action sequences into the movie.  Still though, it’s nice to see Affleck provide a balanced response that satisfies both fans and critics of the movie.  It demonstrates why he’s one of the best actors/directors currently working in the film business.


  1. First time I watched BvS at cinemas, I disliked it, almost fell asleep and gave it 4.5/10. Have rewatched it perhaps three or four times on DVD and have found I am liking it more, up to rating it 7/10.

    I agree with Affleck’s review, and I find I am liking the DC movies in a tighter cohesion (when compared the sprawling, and somewhat increasing innane (Cap: Civil War) sprawl of the Marvel movies) than Marvel. I love the naturalism in the cinematography, and the resonances and balances of the intentions of both Man of Steel and interconnectedly with BvS. It’s really aesthetically pleasing.

    I’m surprised that I’m coming to like DC movies as much as I have; this seemed like a good place to affirm a positive view. (btw: I really like DC television and the Marvel media – it can all co-exist

  2. It’s interesting how much people try to convince others how bad it wasn’t.
    How long ago was this thing out in theaters? And Affleck is still talking about it?
    You guys, man…
    R rated version, extended version, directors cut version, like me, like me, like me. You must like me because Batman is in it.
    Just stop.
    And do better next time….

  3. I loved the movie when I saw it in theaters, I love it more every successive time I watched. It’s a great film.

  4. The extended version is absolutely necessary. With missing plot points restored, it’s easier ro appreciate the way the film builds from a standard political thriller to the crazy-fast paced final hour of superhero action. Living up to the premise of Superman V Batman isn’t easy. This could have been a whole lot worse.

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