Boom! Studios announced more Over the Garden Wall content in its upcoming catalog. In addition to Soulful Symphonies, which plants Greg, Wirt and Beatrice in an abandoned theater town this August, the publisher is also set to release Over the Garden Wall: The Benevolent Sisters of Charity graphic novel in fall 2020. Sam Johns will write and Jim Campbell will illustrate this new story set in the cartoon universe.

In The Benevolent Sisters of Charity, Wirt, Greg and Beatrice come across a stately building in the Unknown run by — you guessed it — the Benevolent Sisters of Charity. They take care of all sick souls and since Wirt isn’t feeling great, he jumps at the chance to be taken care of by these doting nurses. In fact, he’s so eager to feel better that when Beatrice and Greg’s frog aren’t allowed to enter the facility, Wirt abandons them to the elements and drags Greg inside with him.

Once he’s feeling better, however, the Sisters are reluctant to let him go. And what happened to his brother?

“The first time I saw Over the Garden Wall, I accidentally binged it in a single day,” Johns said in a statement. “Since then I’ve watched it in one sitting many times… but, you know, intentionally.  I’m the oldest of six siblings, so it was an absolute joy to write about the incredible bond between brothers, and the sometimes incredible fights that come with that closeness. I was even able to insert some of my Mom into the story! She’s a nurse! But, like, a much better at her job, less scary nurse. I also think growing up in Pennsylvania gave me an edge. The forests there are just like the Edelwoods, and I took a lot of inspiration from hiking there with my friends!”

Campbell added, “It’s exciting to step into the world of Over the Garden Wall with the talented Sam Johns. I’m thrilled to show fans of the show exactly what Greg, Wirt, and Beatrice are up to now as they run into yet another group of mysterious folks in the depths of the woods and try their best to survive the experience.”

Boom! Studios editor Matthew Levine remarked on the nature of the story: “As usual, Wirt just wants some assurance that everything will be okay but The Unknown is mysterious and never exactly what it seems, so trusting the wrong people in the forest can end badly for all involved.” He added, “Sam and Jim guide our young adventurers through this particular health scare with plenty of twists and surprises along the way for fans of Over the Garden Wall.”

Over the Garden Wall: The Benevolent Sisters of Charity hits comic shops and bookstores in fall 2020. Check out the cover art below and stay tuned for more details.
Over the Garden Wall: The Benevolent Sisters of Charity cover


  1. Wow, I mean I’m a fan of the property and I get all the comics, but isn’t it s bit crazy for them to announce a project over a year away?

  2. Also, I absolutely recommend anything Over the Garden Wall related from Boom. It’s such a delightfully odd world, and Boom tells some good stories with the property.

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