Yesterday during the the livestream of DC Daily, a news program related to the upcoming DC Universe streaming service set to launch on September 15, a new clip from the highly anticipated Young Justice: Outsiders animated series was shown.

Featuring Dick Grayson/Nightwing out of costume sporting an outfit dubbed “darkware” by the show creators, the former sidekick of the Dark Knight infiltrates a Russian metahuman lab on the wire with a female voice named Oracle. As anyone familiar with DC Comics can tell you, Oracle is the persona assumed by former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, following her infamous encounter with the Joker that left her paralyzed.

YJ fans will recall that Barbara Gordon (voiced by Alyson Stoner) appeared in the first season as a small cameo before becoming a reoccuring character in the second season as Batgirl.


Batgirl character designs by Phil Bourassa

Still official word as to when to expect Young Justice: Outsiders to hit the DC Universe streaming service, but expect the series to be released sometime in 2019.



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