A reader writes that he’s been buying some of Amazon’s DC Digital Comics, and just noticed that, like other Kindle titles, there’s a grace period for returning them. So, in theory, someone could buy this week’s DC lineup for Kindle, read them and return them.

We’d imagine this policy extends to other comics available for Kindle.

Not that we would ever recommend such a thing. Cuz it’s crappy. Seriously.

But it does seem to be a bit of a loophole?


  1. Kindle titles are returnable?

    … in all fairness, this is one detail where comics should strive to be like everything else. It’s hard enough to get people interested in comics without bringing over the old “you read it, you bought it” mentality.

  2. Wow, that’s crazy!! But I guess there’s a “no returns list” like Greg said???

    It never even would have occurred to me to try and return something I purchased from the Kindle Store.

  3. Pretty sure you can’t buy single issues through the Kindle store, just collections– so no, I don’t think you can buy this week’s issues, then return them immediately (even without them flagging your account).

  4. I’ve returned a couple of titles but only because I bought them by mistake. Took a bit of doing to get it refunded though, it wasn’t all one click. I can’t see Amazon NOT restricting someone who “accidentally” bought something and is returning it a few days later, several weeks running.

  5. In all fairness, there’s no reason someone shouldn’t be allowed to return something that was low quality. I’ve gotten my money back after a couple terrible movies. This is really no different.

  6. “In all fairness, there’s no reason someone shouldn’t be allowed to return something that was low quality.”

    Hahaha, IMO then that’s most of the output from the Big Two these days…

  7. I imagine it’s a customer service issue. Which is to say that they do not guarantee it as part of the initial transaction, but will do so as a secondary action if requested. So they probably have the right to refuse the returns, if someone is indeed appearing to abuse it.

  8. Not really a loophole, I’d say – it’s not as if returnability is an accident or oversight. The reason is what Charles mentions; the returnability is really intended for people who buy a book they didn’t want for whatever reason.

  9. Wow, I didn’t realize e-books were returnable. That’s awesome! My mom tried buying a book for her Kindle from my iPad and accidentally bought it for my Kindle account. I bet they’d let us move it from my account to hers.

  10. Yeah, they’re returnable within 7 days of purchase.

    But, like others have said… I’m sure if you were buying stuff left and right and then returning them hours/days later you’d eventually get your account deleted. And the ‘Zon is very big on no new accounts too.

    I don’t know about you but I’m definitely not willing to risk losing my Amazon account heh.

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