§ Super-team: Blogging stars Graeme McMillan and Kevin Melrose are heading up the new Comic Book Resources entertainment news spinoff, which is called, unbelievably, Spinoff Online. So far, nothing too earth shattering, but with two excellent writers on board, it’s surely worth a bookmark.

§ Broken Frontier, the long-running comics news site, has launched a weekly comics newsmagazine for iPad version, called The Frontiersman:

The Frontiersman is the first digital comics magazine to launch on iPad. Created by the team behind premier comic book news site Broken Frontier (www.brokenfrontier.com) and developed in association with web agency Netlash (www.netlash.com), The Frontiersman is released weekly on Tuesdays.

It’s actually a pretty good idea. The guys at Broken Frontier, led by Frederik Hautain have been in the game a long time, with a lot of bumps in the road, including a brief period when they were purchased by Platinum. It’s good to see they are hanging in there.


  1. Thanks for the plug on Spinoff. We’re very much in a soft launch mode, not making a lot of noise yet and just getting our feet wet. We’re actually working on the design pretty heavily right now and once we roll out the final design, we’ll be pushing it a lot more.

    This is a big initiative for the CBR Network this year and by years end you’ll see some very cool stuff from the Spinoff crew. And let’s not forget that also part of the launch crew is Josh Wigler as well as Jeffrey Renaud offering up feature interviews.

  2. It’s good to see The Frontiersman linked to on The Beat. Thanks for that Heidi! We’ve started an exciting new chapter in the history of Broken Frontier, and it’s extremely pleasing to get a positive response from so many people.

    And Chris, Watchmen didn’t really play a role when picking the name. I wanted the name to have a newspaper-y ring to it, and it had to have a clear link to Broken Frontier. “The Frontiersman” was the first thing that came to mind, and it stuck. But the Watchmen reference is a nice coincidence. :)

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