With ECCC officially cancelled, Oni Press, which had previously annoucned they would not be attending, has launched an online #ECCC2020 Pop Up,  where you wil be able to buy all new Achewood merchandise, via a partnership with Chris Onstad.

If you were around in the Aughts, your heart just started fluttering.

Other titles offered in the pop=up include Aggrestsuko, Fun Fun Fun World and more. As for the rest of the Pop-up, Oni will ship all items at no charge, just as if you picked them up at the con, and is offering 10% off all items.

“While the decision not to attend was difficult for many reasons, one of our first considerations was supporting the creators and books we had planned to promote there” says Oni Press publisher, James Lucas Jones. “We realize many of our creators depend on convention income, and want to do our part to help where we can through sales of their books and merchandise. Additionally, we want to bring as much of the convention experience to fans as possible, despite our lack of a presence on the show floor.”

Oni Press unveils multiple exclusive items available now in limited quantities, exclusively through the Oni Press #ECCC2020 Pop Up Store, including the first items in an all-new merchandise partnership with Achewood creator Chris Onstad.

As for the Achewood totes and stuff, we’ll quote the PR:

Announced last month, Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight returns to print in a special single issue format on July 15, and is currently available for order now in Diamond’s March-dated PREVIEWS catalog. To celebrate, Oni Press has created a special print ($45) and tote bag ($25), available exclusively through the Oni online ECCC Pop Up Shop.

“Oni has inspired me to dig deep back into Achewood” says Onstad. “Re-opening the Great Outdoor Fight brought forth a wealth of new material that hints at a new future for Ray, Roast Beef, and the rest of the cast.”

Three Days! Three Acres! Three Thousand Men! The epic spectacle of violence, virility, and valor that helped name Achewood TIME Magazine’s Best Graphic Novel of the Year. Join Ray and Beef on the journey through the complete “fight” storyline, from truck-nuts-for-your-smartphone, right through the recumbent tai-chi fighting style, and riding into the boys’ return home. Includes bonus features like the History of the GOF, profiles of past winners, and a brand-new look back on the epic storyline by author Chris Onstad himself. PLUS: A brand new cover by the cartoonist!

Editor Christopher Butcher says “This new comic book collection of the GOF has the whole storyline, a ton of bonus material, and even really great new material from Onstad–and the regular edition is just five bucks! I think this is a really unique new look at the series’ most famous storyline, and works as a perfect introduction to Achewood for new readers and a fantastic collector’s item–and peak at the future–for longterm fans.”

The Great Outdoor Fight is available to preorder now via your local comic shop in an all new $5 edition with two covers, and an Oni exclusive edition of 1,000 copies, which will be available for preorder on June 15, with a release timed with both in-store editions.



And  the schwag:aggrestsuko #1.jpg

Aggretsuko #1 Cover E (Limited Print Run)


Dryad Cover C


Fun Fun Fun World (Spring Conventions Edition)




Rogue Planet #1 Cover C (Limited to 1,000)
Andy MacDonald (CA)


And that Achewood gear you crave! Although please note the final cover will NOT be abailable in the pop up! The tote and print will.


These two are not from the pop-up.

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