Art by Don Rosa

That’s right for a mere thirty beans, you get access to The Comics Journals digital archives for one year. This was previously available as a bonus along with $75 (I think) three issue sub to the print edition—since the print edition comes out every 18 months or so this was a longer bargain, but is you just want to do some kind of research project, this should do just fine.

I can say with some authority that if you want to see some of the origins of mid-life comics feuds—or even read some of the greatest interviews with great comics figures ever—this is a super bargain! For instance you can read the above issue from 1983, with my first ever cover story for a national magazine—entitled, if I recall correctly, “Fight scenes, fight everywhere—nor yet a stop to think”—in which I wondered why fight scenes weren’t always a satisfying storytelling device, while comparing them to Greek myths and professional wrestling. I’ve often thought about this essay since my fundamental beliefs haven’t evolved much in the 30 years since it was written, and if fact I think it marked the place where I began to get really bored with superhero comics. In fact the closing paragraph would serve as my credo for the next 20 years of attempted comics making.

The most amazing thing about it is that I was only 3 years old when I wrote it! (And yeah there are many things in there that I’d rather not ANYONE unearth, but them’s the breaks.)

Anyway, there is lots more. I’m pretty sure I have my complete print run of TCjJ scattered through various storage areas, but $30 is cheap for this kind of historical chronicle.


  1. The cover is by Don “Uncle Scrooge” Rosa.
    Before he wrote and drew for Gladstone Comics, he had produced two comic strips, and was a fan expert, answering questions in Rocket’s Blast Comiccollector.
    And yes, there is a great TCJ interview with him many years later!

    That was a pretty decent essay, as I recall.
    I wonder if Amazing Heroes will get the same treatment? (If only the preview issues!)

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