As we all go off to the holiday weekend, we could all use a little Steve Zissou. The Crank Art gallery in San Francisco is planning its fourth annual Wes Anderson tribute art show, “Bad Dads.” The show doesn’t open until Halloween, but to get you warmed up they passed along Crankbunny’s limited edition “Steve Zissou” paper doll sculpture. I know this pop culture art is all the rage now, but seriously, for only $40 you get a frickin’ Steve Zissou paper doll, so there is no reason not to rage.
Crankbunny, aka Norma V. Toraya, is a multimedia artist who uses a hand-drawn painterly style, traditional cut-out camera work, stop-motion and digital tomfoolery with live action.
According to her bio, Crankbunny has directed commercial spots, TV intros, music videos and documentary film shorts for Nike, ING, Nestle, Darkhorse, Holt Renfrew, Rush, Etsy, W Network, MuchMusic, United Airlines and other similar lovely folks. She also continues to produce personal work showcased through Stash, Wired Magazine, FITC, OFFF, DotMov Shift Japan, ROJO and gallery spaces throughout the world. Her short “Animals Will Leave Us First” is part of the Museum of Modern Art New York permanent collection.
Much more Life Aquatic (and Tenebaums and Fantastic Mr Fox) in the first link. Now if you’ll excuse me, in 10 days I’m going to set out to find the shark that ate my friend and destroy it.