Got confused while watching AMERICAN IDOL last night.

So this is…whoa. It’s very SF. Very STAR WARS, like everyone has been saying all along.


  1. Agree with Thomas. This looked like a dud after those first teasers full of Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds. This new trailer looks nifty.

  2. My wife and I saw the trailer/commercial for Green Lantern last night. She liked it, and she’s not the GL fan I am. She liked it more than the Thor ads that have been airing, and she’s been looking forward to Thor.

    I’m feeling much better.

  3. I thought Green Lantern was black?

    Or did they change that because of the “Boycott Thor” people complaining about Idris Elba?

    American Idol has the biggest audience on TV, and the sort of demographics ideally suited to a summer blockbuster.