Eisner Stickers
Gold and silver seals are now available for, respectively, Eisner-winning and -nominated books as a means of drawing attention to worthy books. Publishers should contact Jackie Estrada for more info.


  1. A number of publishers have been contacting me about the seals. Here is the full press release:

    Eisner Awards Seals Available to Publishers
    SAN DIEGO – Gold and silver Eisner Award seals are now available for publishers to purchase and place on their nominated and winning books. These seals are similar to those used in other such book awards programs.
    “Being nominated for an Eisner Award, let alone winning, is a prestigious accolade,” said Jackie Estrada, Eisner Awards administrator. “Many publishers have been asking whether such seals are available to help booksellers and librarians choose award-quality graphic novels, it is for this reason we are making these seals available.”
    The seals come in both gold (for winning works) and silver (for nominated works). Publishers can purchase the seals to place on books that have been nominated in prior years as well as for 2008 books. The seals can be placed on existing books or on books that are going back to press for reprinting.
    Publishers wanting to purchase the seals should contact Estrada via e-mail ([email protected]) or phone (619-414-1020).
    The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, considered the “Oscars” of the comic book industry, have been administered under the auspices of Comic-Con International: San Diego since 1990. More information on the awards can be found at http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci_eisners_main.shtml.
    Eisner Award seals are the sole property of Comic-Con International. Publishers or any other organizations are prohibited from reproducing seals. Seals may be placed only on the book that originally won the award. A complete list of seal worthy publications is available from Comic-Con.
    The award seals were designed by Danica Novgorodoff.

    These are physical seals that are available to purchase in rolls of 1,000 at a price of $90 per roll. They can be shipped directly to printers for afixing to nominated and winning titles.

    Jackie Estrada

  2. Those look great and this is a great idea! Are they going to be available to retailers for books they have in their store that have been nominated and or won or is that not a good idea for some reason?

    How about some seals proclaiming “overlooked by the Eisners” for books like Blue Pills and Lost Girls (and Alice in Sunderland should have been better represented last year)? Sorry, just my attempt at lame Tuesday afternoon humor (except those three books were robbed)! Seriously though I’m glad the Eisners exist and they just go to show that you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

  3. Finally! Thank you, Jackie. Should have been done years ago, and some publishers have used the “Venetian Blind E” logo in the past, but glad to see them, as this puts comics in the same league as other literary awards.

    Now… how about an actual Eisner Awards anthology, like Pushcart and O. Henry? So when a customer comes in looking for great comics, I can grab a copy and say, “Here are the year’s best, selected by comics professionals.” (Oh, and you guys that run the Harvey Awards, I’m talking about you, too.)

    Hell, I’d settle for Eisner Award anthologies from each publisher! Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, DC, Marvel, I’m talking to you! What? You ashamed or something? You guys are all happy and giddy when you get some award from outside the industry (Pulitzer! Hugo! World Fantasy! Time Magazine! Printz!) but when it’s comics-based, you’re embarrassed, like a teenager who doesn’t want to appear uncool in front of his friends!

    Sorry… Just can’t understand why something so simple, with so many benefits, can’t get done. I mean… why do we have the awards in the first place?

  4. Jackie, I received Blue Pills at my store either the week before Christmas or Christmas week of 2007 from Diamond and blogged about it on December 31, 2007. Someone from Isotope also had Blue Pills on their December 2007 reading list. Maybe some book distributors didn’t get Bluee Pills until 2008 so that would make it eligible for this year (hopefully).

    I realize that Talbot got nominated for best painter for Alice In Wonderland, but in my opinion that book was seriously overlooked for its multilayered story.

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