Hey again everyone, we’re here live at the DC All-Access Panel to give you the inside scoop at what’s latest and greatest in the secret JLA headquarters!

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  • Panelists include Steve Orlando, Shea Fontana, Marguerite Bennett, Joshua Williamson and representatives from DC’s entertainment and toy lines!
  • DC’s toy line is debuting a black-and-white Nightwing statue and two brand new Wonder Woman statues based upon her appearances in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Check out @comicsbeatlive on Twitter for photos.
  • Marguerite Bennett is explaining the origins of her Bombshells title. The world is based on various artistic and commercial movements of the WWII era. None of the female leads of this series have a male counterpart in the universe it takes place in.
  • Batwoman: Rebirth is coming!  Cowritten by Marguerite and James Tynion IV and art by Steve Epting.  The story dives into her origins!
  • Steve Orlando is launching Justice League of America titles next year!  “As a queer man…” the JLA represents that “heroism has changed” and can represent many different things.  
  • We’re going to see Atom and Vixen titles.  The Ray is getting his own work as well, as we reported on The Beat earlier this week!
  • Steve also began writing SUPERGIRL recently.  Supergirl’s “true strength is in compassion…understanding.”  She’s had to deal with the things that anyone “moving into a new community” has to deal with.  
  • Steve: “Strength doesn’t necessarily mean fighting.”
  • Josh Williamson is launching the Justice League vs Suicide Squad event with art by Jason Fabok. Comprising 25 characters and 30 pages of story per issue, the storyline rises when Batman, who has known about the Squad for quite some time but has chosen to keep it a secret, is forced to tell the Justice League about the team’s existence.  Williamson has spent ample time figuring out who best matches up with who.  The first issue is on sale 12/21.
  • Williamson: “Amanda Waller is a badass.  She doesn’t take shit from anybody.” 
  • Howard Porter is doing the last issue of JL vs SS!!!
  • “A lot from Rebirth has been building up to this and a lot will spin out of this event.”– Porter on JL vs. SS
  • DC Superhero Girls is led up by Shea Fontana, who wrote the animated movie that came out over the summer.  She’s very excited to be able to work with all sorts of DC characters including those we haven’t seen  in a while like Crazy Quilt and Etrigian as a poetry teacher.
  • DC Superhero Girls has a new OGN coming out  the start of November. DC Superhero Girls: Hits and Miss
  • DC Superhero Girls has a first issue of its web-first series, “Pasttimes at Superhero High” up on their site this week.  Batgirl and Harley Quinn engage in a timeline-warping fight after getting into an argument about who knows the most about dinosaurs!
  • Get a free copy of the web-first series today only!  Check @comicsbeatlive for details.
  • Sean Dugan of Warner Bros. Entertainment is here to talk about DC Comics Legends, the new mobile multiplayer RPG game coming out this November for Android.
  • The gameplayer is about assembling a roster of heroes from DC’s characters and putting them together as a strategic team.  There are currently slated to be about 40 heroes at launch with an “evergrowing roster” to follow.  
  • We’ll see characters like those of the Trinity, but we’ll also see lesser known characters like Mirror Master teaming up to fight a massive threat.
  • If you preorder the game at Dclegendsgame.com, you’ll unlock “Striker Wonder Woman,” a tanky fighter version of the character created to celebrate Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary.
  • The story harkens back to Blackest Night.  Nekron is pursuing his agenda against the living but has brought back the Manhunters to do it. You’ll also take on “dark” versions of the various heroes.
  • We’re moving into “Night of the Monster Men” conversation now.  Steve Orlando is building the event out of Tom King’s and David Finch’s first six issues of BATMAN.  Steve is working with an all-star roster of artists including Riley Rossmo to tell a “fun” Batman story that keeps escalating the stakes.
  • And now MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO news!  The new mini-series springs out of Orlando’s and ACO’s MIDNIGHTER run from last year.  “Bolder, wilder than ever! With Apollo there the scale is larger.”
  • New “Summer Olympus” OGN coming from Shea and the DC Superhero Girls lineup next summer!

    And we’re golden!  Thanks for joining us.