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In case you missed it, the floor planner for New York Comic Con is active!

I reported on the biggest surprise earlier, but now, let’s take a leisurely stroll, virtually, through the exhibit hall and Artist Alley!

The overview: Almost all of the space is rented.

Next to Marriott [sic], there is Booth 755, a large 20×30 foot space just off the main cross aisles.

According to the Show Floor PDF, Booths 656, 666, 755, 761, and 770 will be the “NYCC Livestream Village Powered by Courtyard by Marriott and Twitch”.

Along the concourse, there are seven booths (NC1 – NC9). Generally, these are used for big displays, such as the Chevrolet “wrapped” cars, Wikia, and Hollywood displays.  Five are currently unassigned, but that’s not a big deal, as 1) they aren’t really destination booths like on the show floor, and 2) there will be thousands of attendees walking by each day (starting with the general attendees on the way downstairs to stand in line). It’s like having a pop-up shop in Times Square.

OH! This is interesting… over at the south end of the concourse, where DC stages their big displays, there’s a “LexCorp” booth labeled SC02! Is this the first marketing blitz aimed at Batman v. Superman?

Over in Artist Alley at the North Pavilion, a few of the 460 tables are not yet taken:

  • N101 and N103, located on the “patio” which leads to the staircase and exhibit space. In years past, Chevy would park a sketch car in this space, and have select artists draw on the white body. N101 is rented to ConEdison.
  • EE1, all the way in the back corner. Given that DC only has an exhibit off the show floor (as in years past), this space will probably be used by DC to host creator signings throughout the show.
  • G5 (Reserved)
  • BB9 and BB10 (Adi Granov gets the “Star Wars” table at BB8. He’s the cover artist for “Darth Vader”! Coincidence?)

Most of these tables will be filled by show time, as artists finalize payments.

Now, let’s wander the Show Floor, to see what’s interesting…

“The Block” returns to the front of 3-E, featuring all sorts of amazing indie toys and accessories!

 Here’s an interesting first-time exhibitor, at 522: M&M’s World. This is the tourist trap corporate gift shop for all M&Ms merchandise. (If you can’t make it to Javits, stop by their multi-level store north of Times Square.)

Why are they here?

M&M’S World® is bringing the Chocolate Mpire to New York Comic Con! Discover a variety of limited edition Star Wars themed merchandise featuring the M&M’S® characters as you’ve never seen them before. Take photos with the Red M&M’S character dressed as Darth Vadar and enjoy all the M&M’S World booth has to offer!

(I guess they are still smarting from losing the E.T. account.)

 Stylin Online has seven booths.  450 square feet of space. Marvel, the largest single-space holder, has 420 square feet of space.

  Car Lister is over at 162. It’s an automotive selling and social app. Create an account, they’ll give you a free poster tube!

  At Booth 341 is the Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition. On the other side of that block is Extra Life – Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at 240, which hosts a 24-hour national gaming marathon for charity.

fife drum pope-usa Need some real life superheroes? Go talk to the U.S. Army at Booth 254. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps opened the Con by marching down the concourse in full 1784 regalia?

 HOUBA! EUROPE COMICS, a consortium of European comics publishers offering comics in English will be at Booth 256!

  Want to meet the “cool kids” who get paid to read comics and host other geeky events for a living? Head all the way to the back of the cafeteria show floor at Booth 282 where the American Library Association will tell you all about the cool stuff found @ your library!

 Swatch is at Booth 404. Will they have licensed product?

 AT+T will have a “Fortress of Rechargitude” at Booth 454!

 Geico tempts fate with Booth 666. They attended last year.

  Directly next door, at Booth 656, is Courtyard By Marriott. They are the official hotelier of NYCC, and have one of the larger booths on the floor. They are a sponsor of the NYCC Livestream Village.

  Hall 1-D hosts the small press publishers, in aisles 900-1300.

⁈  forest-people cirqueCIRQUE DU SOLEIL NEVADA, INC. – KÀ has a large booth at 1336. What is it?

KÀ, the unprecedented epic production by Cirque du Soleil takes adventure to an all new level. Be awed by a dynamic theatrical landscape, as an entire empire appears on KÀ’s colossal stage and a captivating display of aerial acrobatics envelopes the audience. Live at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

⁈  You’ve might have heard that Dover Publishing has begun to reprint many forgotten graphic novel classics… They will be located in Booth 1769, and will host a signing schedule which could be a mini-comic con by itself!

  • R.O. Blechman
  • Michael Zulli
  • Stephen Murphy
    • “The first 50 people that buy a copy of THE PUMA BLUES by Stephen Murphy & Michael Zulli for $29.95 get a signed vintage THE PUMA BLUES poster, made by Dave Sim in 1986!”
  • Bret Blevin
  • Heidi MacDonald (Before The Beat, before Disney Adventures, she wrote a book!)
  • Jerome  Charyn
  • Alex Simmons
  • Joe Illidge

  ABC Family will have a spot on the floor, at Booth 1720. What are they promoting? Dunno. Myself, I’d have Disney showcase all of their television properties into one booth… Disney XD, Marvel TV, ABC Family, ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel…

 Speaking of Disney… Disney Publishing Worldwide is over at Booth 2028. They are the publishing division of Disney, so they’ll have lots of books and magazines for kids, teens, and parents.

 Chevrolet returns, to Booth 1854. I expect this booth to feature model cars, while the concourse will most likely feature models wrapped in licensed designs. Over in Artist Alley, expect a sketch car.

  If you need poster tubes, plastic sleeves, or other supplies, then bookmark Hot Flips (Booth 2510) and Bill Cole Enterprises (Booth 2606). Both are near the entrance to Hall 3-A.

Just outside Artist Alley, in the walkway, …will be lockers sponsored by Progressive? That’s what it says on the PDF! Wow… if they can pull that off, it will be a amazing!

The list of exhibitors in the “Alley-way”:

  • Progressive Insurance [$20 to the first person who cosplays as Flo, and gets a picture taken with Martin the GEICO gecko!]

  • BeTerrific and The Padcaster

  • Jelly Belly Candy Company

    • Jelly Belly Candy Company is bringing out of this world flavors to art at the New York Comic Con! Come meet Jelly Belly artist Kristen Cumings and view her Bean Art depicting Star Wars characters Darth Vader and Yoda. Sample the latest Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors and purchase the limited edition Star Wars themed merchandise! [WHOOPS… look like someone at M&Ms screwed up…]
  • Stamford Media Center

    • Did you hear the news? Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos and Jerry Springer are NOW in Stamford, CT! For Free tickets to a live taping go to:
  • Smooth-On

    • Smooth-On, Inc. manufactures a variety of mold making supplies, urethane and silicone rubber, urethane and epoxy casting resins that can be used to bring your project to life!
  • T-Mobile

    • As America’s Un-carrier, T-Mobile is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation. The Company’s advanced nationwide 4G and 4G LTE network delivers outstanding wireless experiences for customers who are unwilling to compromise on quality and value.
  • BattleKasters

    • Be a hero and close the stonefire! BattleKasters is a new mobile game that transforms events into live adventures in Orkney – a magical place filled with witches, spells and Norse gods. Your mission is to close the stonefire by unlocking hidden locations, collecting cards and casting spells to thwart other players – and gain the favor of Odin!

We’ll have photos of Javits being setup later.  Anything you’re interested in seeing?