As you may have heard, MySpace has launched a comic book…area, I guess you could call it. Friend up, Cowboy! MySpace is also sponsoring the New York Comic-con, and we’ll have to leave you to write the punchline for THAT one, since we take money from both Reed and NewsCorp., the leading social networking and lifestyle portal, which recently announced the launch of the MySpace Comic Books profile ( will take an active role in promoting its new community at New York Comic Con (NYCC). The new profile will be the official community for manga, graphic novels and comic books on MySpace.

MySpace will be one of the official media sponsors of NYCC which takes place at the Jacob K. Javits Center, February 23 – 25. MySpace events include:

* Friends can meet face-to-face at the “The Official MySpace Meet Up Point.” MySpacers can meet offline at Fox Atomic booth #553. This area will contain computer stations for users to check their MySpace profile, enter the “The Hills Have Eyes 2” / 15 Gigs of Fear music video mash-up contest, as well as meet talent including Wes Craven, Steve Niles, Jimmy Palmiotti, and more.

* MYSPACE MYSTERY PANEL. This panel will feature three mystery guests – all top creators in the world of comics– to be announced on the day of the panel. The and profiles will reveal clues on the identity of the mystery panelists leading up to the event.

* MySpace member to serve as show correspondent. MySpacer Olive Panter will cover all Comic Con action and report back to the MySpace Comic Books’ community via video reports from the convention floor after Comic Con has wrapped up.

Fans and friends of MySpace Comic Books can check out the community to find the latest comic book news, interviews, special features, contests, exclusives and more. MySpace Comic Books will spotlight the most exciting projects, creators and events in the industry including user generated comics by MySpace members themselves.


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