In the late ’90s, Alan Moore had a bit of a lull in his career.  It was after his exit from DC and before he started up LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and AMERICA’S BEST COMICS with WildStorm (almost exactly when DC bought WildStorm).  The person who gave Alan Moore a job was Rob Liefeld, over at his Extreme imprint. Moore did a very retro take on SUPREME and wrote a run of YOUNGBLOOD. The thing is, not all of those scripts were drawn or published.

No more! (Pun intended.)

Over at Robot 6, we find out Extreme is relaunching and those old Moore scripts are getting produced.  Erik Larsen will be doing Moore’s final SUPREME script and the quickly aborted YOUNGBLOOD series is to be resurrected.

“We have a great number of his scripts including several “Youngblood” issues that we will produce in the next year. Alan was in his peak form back then. “Supreme” fueled his comic book come back and many of his Extreme ideas became the basis of the former ABC line. We will showcase the best that Alan did at that period of his career.”

Now about the last installment of 1968… <ducks head>


  1. I know the supposed artist (Jim Lee) led the 1963 project to go nowhere (being too busy even then) but does anyone know if the script exists already? I just assumed Moore hadn’t even written it yet.

  2. I know that this might seem nit-picky, but McFarlane brought him over to Image with Spawn, and then several short spin-off minis. His first regular run at Image was when he took over Wildcats for 14 issues, as well as doing some other work in that universe with projects such as the Voodoo mini and a short Majestic story.

    After that, the person who gave him a job was Liefeld.

  3. Perhaps the author is understandably confused with the comic 1968 +/- 25 Years, written by me, drawn by Mark Lewis, and solicited by Parody Press during the time that 1963 was being released. (1968 was never actually released under that title, but the content became the Mister U.S. issue of Big Bang Comics.)