Next month not only sees the release of the much-anticipated Invincible Season 2 but Invincible Presents: Atom Eve, first original video game in the Invincible universe. Available November 14th and developed by Terrible Posture Games, the Atom Eve video games allows players to delve deeper into the titular character through her own adventures. During New York Comic Comic, fans got an early glimpse at the game in a panel moderated by Ashley Esqueda that included Skybound Creative Director Mike Rogers, Terrible Posture Games Creative Director Jill Murray, Art Director Rossi Gifford, Animation Director Lauren Lehmann, and writer Mary Arroz.

According to Rogers, this Atom Eve video game has been long in the works. The idea for the game came around the same time the animated Atom Eve Special episode was in development and so the timing seemed right.

Murray described the video game visual novel that includes combat and RPG. Players will be able to customize the character and use combat to further the store. Though the game maintains its own canon and continuity, the game loosely occurs around the events of Invincible Season 1. According to Murray, she views the Invincible animated show as being told through the POV of Mark Grayson’s biographer, so this game is seeing those same events through Atom Eve’s eyes.

Although set in a time frame that looks familiar to fans of the franchise, the game will give players some flexibility. For instance, you’ll have the option of dating Rex Splode or not. Fans of the franchise, know exactly where that relationship leads.

Rogers compared the approach of the Atom Eve video game to what the animated series has done with the source material i.e. remixing the comics and putting a new spin on the story.

Murray was particularly glad to give a character like Atom Eve, who is constantly constrained by her environment, some agency. In fact, the game includes an ability for her to scream into the void that is not merely cosmetic and can give players an advantage if used properly.

The panelist revealed how involved the research process entailed which included quite a comprehensive spreadsheet.

Writer Mary Arroz revealed the choices of players will affect Atom Eve’s combat. There are 3 different paths to choose- Empath, Creator, and Firebrand. Each path has its own different skills and affects Eve’s behavior in the story. For instance, an Eve who is on the Firebrand pathcan talk back to characters in a different way than an Eve on the Empath path.

As this Atom Eve video game is Rossi’s first time working as an art director, the project was significant and meaningful. Rogers revealed that Rossi go the job after posting fanart back when the first season of Invincible came out in 2021. It was important for Rossi to be loyal to the source material but adapt it into a video so that players could enjoy it. Some of her influences included European comics, manga, anime as well fashion. She was incredibly delighted when she received positive feedback from Invincible creators Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley.

Rossi also highlighted the small details in the art, such as having a doormat by the window of Atom Eve’s bedroom since most people are entering her room through it. Speaking of her bedroom, the panel hinted that things will be getting quite steamy at night. 

Murray conceded that she was initially resistant to choosing Rex to date in the video game but came around as she got a better understanding of his character and his comics backstory as a former child soldier. delved deeper into him. Referenced backstory as a former child soldier.

Atom Eve video gameAs the the Animation Director, Lauren Lehmann felt that the still images already felt so alive and vibrant and so it was daunting for me to make them even better animated. It was critical for her to push the mood of the story as much as possible through the animation.

Arroz had a blast writing Eve’s conversations with characters who weren’t superheroes such as William and Amber. In terms of villains, players can expect characters already seen in the animated series such as Killcannon and the Mauler Twins. However, the game will also be introducing alien ruler Universa.

Before the Atom Eve video game panel ended, Lehmann took a moment to say how much she appreciated being part of a project that featured so many women in prominent positions.

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